Windshields are one of the most important components of your car. Made of special auto glass, windshields are carefully designed to keep everyone in the car safe. A cracked, damaged, or shattered windshield can greatly compromise you and your passengers’ safety, so if your windshield is damaged, it’s important to get it fixed immediately.

When your windshield is damaged, a proper repair or replacement is necessary to ensure your windshield does its job. Allstate Auto Glass experts have years of experience and we will carefully inspect your windshield to determine whether a quick repair or full replacement is needed. We can repair or replace the windshield of virtually any vehicle, and we have the flexibility to work around your schedule.

Windshield Repair

It can be easy to dismiss a small ding in your windshield and decide that you don’t need to get it fixed, especially if it’s not in the driver’s direct line of sight. However, the longer you drive around with a flaw in your windshield, the more at risk you are for it to grow into a much bigger problem. Hitting a speed bump too fast, slamming your car door, and even extreme weather can turn that tiny ding in the corner into a nasty crack that stretches all the way across the windshield.

As soon as you notice even the smallest flaw in your windshield, contact Allstate Auto Glass to have it inspected. We are proud to provide professional windshield repair Fairfax VA. We will perform a thorough inspection to determine if we can complete a repair or if you need a new windshield installed. We recommend a full windshield replacement for any cracks or dings in the driver’s direct view, but can repair damage off to the sides of the windshield. A repair will not completely remove evidence of the damage, but will increase the view around your glass by 70%.

Our repairs are guaranteed to last for years, but in the event of any problems, we will credit your account for the amount of the failed repair. Although we take great care when repairing your windshield, in some cases during the repair process, the existing chip may spread into a non-repairable crack. Allstate Auto Glass cannot assume any responsibility for this scenario.

Windshield Replacement

There are many instances in which a quick repair cannot fix the damage to your windshield and a full replacement is needed instead. In some scenarios, shrugging off a sizeable windshield crack can lead to your vehicle failing inspection or even a shattered windshield, which means a lot more stress for you. When a small ding or chip becomes a large, unsightly crack, the best option is to contact Allstate Auto Glass immediately for a windshield replacement. We are proud to provide professional windshield replacement in Fairfax VA.

Repairs don’t always completely remove evidence of a crack, so larger cracks that are more difficult to fix could still potentially cause further damage to your windshield even when repaired. Allstate recommends a full windshield replacement if a chip or crack is in the driver’s direct view. Our replacements are guaranteed to last for years, but in the event of any problems, we will credit your account for the amount of the failed replacement.

Our experts have the parts and experience to efficiently and properly install your new windshield. We understand the ins and outs of auto glass and can replace the windshield on virtually any vehicle.

The Allstate Auto Glass Difference

Life moves fast in Fairfax VA, and a damaged windshield is an inconvenience you could be dreading to fix. With Allstate Auto Glass, you don’t have to put your life on hold to have your windshield repaired or replaced! Our mobile service can meet you at your home or workplace at a time that works best for your schedule. You are our first priority, and we take pride in our flexibility and our quality work.

We take excellent care of you and your vehicle during the repair or replacement process. We cover your car seats for protection and even vacuum your care once the job is done. We inspect your vehicle both before and after the job to ensure we have done our job efficiently.

We have provided windshield repair and replacement services in Fairfax VA since 2000. Our experts have repaired or replaced thousands of windshields, and we are the leading provider of auto glass services in Fairfax VA. We offer quality work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 100% customer service guarantee.

Don’t put off repairing or replacing your windshield and risk it getting worse. Contact us at (703) 645-2300 or get a free estimate today!