Auto glass is the glass in your vehicle; your front windshield, side windows, rearview mirror, sideview mirrors, and rear window are all auto glass. Auto glass is designed specifically for vehicles, and is carefully crafted to protect passengers inside the car in the event of a crash. There are two key types of auto glass found in your vehicle: laminated and tempered glass. Each type is designed to shatter in a certain way that best protects people inside the car during a crash or other mishap.

It’s clear that your auto glass has a large job to do, so having damaged windows, a cracked windshield, or broken mirrors compromises the safety of you and your passengers. It might be easy to shrug off a small chip in your side windows or windshield, but all too often, these tiny flaws turn into big safety problems.

If you notice any part of your car’s glass is damaged, it’s crucial to have it inspected and remedied as soon as possible. Allstate Auto Glass experts have years of experience and we will carefully inspect the damaged auto glass to determine whether a quick repair or full replacement is needed. We can repair or replace the auto glass of virtually any vehicle, and we have the flexibility to work around your schedule.

Auto Glass Repair Fairfax VA

You might brush off a small chip in the corner of your windshield and not worry about getting it fixed, but hit a bump while driving and that small chip can suddenly turn into a large crack that stretches all the way across the driver’s view. Not only is this unsightly, but cracked windshields can shatter if not remedied. Whether it’s your windshield, side windows, or rear window that needs repair, contact Allstate Auto Glass! We will conduct a thorough inspection to determine if the glass needs to be repaired or replaced, and will perform the necessary work quickly and efficiently.

Auto Glass Replacement Fairfax VA

Sometimes auto glass cannot be repaired and the best solution is to have a full replacement. This is usually the case for chips or cracks in the middle of the windshield, damaged sideview mirrors, and cracked side windows. Allstate Auto Glass will perform a careful inspection and recommend either a quick repair or full replacement depending on the severity of the damage. When it comes time to replace your auto glass, our experts will install the new glass properly so you can be assured your new glass will last.

Auto Window Replacement Fairfax VA

Side auto windows are often less susceptible to damage than windshields, but when these windows have dings or cracks, it’s important to replace them as soon as possible to prevent further damage. Allstate Auto Glass is proud to provide auto window replacement services in Fairfax VA. Our experts have plenty of experience and will install your new auto windows properly the first time so you can count on them for a long time.

The Allstate Auto Glass Difference

Life moves fast in Fairfax VA, and having a damaged part of your vehicle is an inconvenience you could be dreading to fix. With Allstate Auto Glass, you don’t have to put your life on hold to have your auto glass repaired or replaced! Our mobile service can meet you at your home or workplace at a time that works best for your schedule. You are our first priority, and we take pride in our flexibility and our quality work.

We take excellent care of you and your vehicle during the repair or replacement process. We cover your car seats for protection and even vacuum your care once the job is done. We inspect your vehicle both before and after the job to ensure we have done our job efficiently.

We have provided auto glass repair and replacement services in Fairfax VA since 2000. Our experts have worked on thousands of vehicles, and we are the leading provider of auto glass services in Fairfax VA. We offer quality work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 100% customer service guarantee.

Don’t put off repairing or replacing your windshield and risk it getting worse. Contact us at (703) 645-2300 or get a free estimate today!